UCD MODEL helps you to decorate your wall and floor in stylish, modern and classical way through its well-crafted and designed collection of leather tiles. These tiles are made of natural leather, sourced from best tanneries in India which is considered to be one of the best sourcing countries also for raw leather. Apart from sourcing from Indian tanneries, we source imported leather also from reputed suppliers in India.

Leather tiles, being considered as a premium product for interior decoration, we rely on certain methods and procedures to give leather tile a premium look and durability. These leather tiles are not only beautiful but durable too and it gets better with the time and age.

Unlike stone and ceramic tiles, installation of leather tiles is a critical job but we take it as a challenge and we have proved it too through successful installations in the past. Over the years we have learnt to bring out the true essence of interior environment and furniture elements through our elegant, decorative and durable wall and floor genuine leather tiles.

The best we offer is an affordable customization, in design, color and sizes which help our customer to get true value for their money.